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Infertility Support Group 

A space for you to feel heard and connect with other women going through a similar experience, under the guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Psychotherapist.  

Starting JUNE 2022

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm

The Poppy Clinic

Oakville, ON


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Infertility can evoke feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, grief, loneliness, shame, helplessness, confusion and overwhelm.


These feelings can be difficult to acknowledge and express in settings that lack a complete understanding of the demands of ongoing fertility tests, treatments, and their side effects.

Our hope is to provide a space where the emotional experiences of each member are welcomed, validated, and honoured - where each person is given permission to feel and to be comforted by the fact that they are not alone.

We will take a trauma-informed approach to our facilitation of group meetings to prioritize safety for all members.


Guidelines for the group will be addressed and collaboratively constructed at the onset of the group to ensure that all members are in agreement and provide informed consent to move forward in the group. 

We look forward to creating an environment where you will be met with compassion, hope and acceptance as you navigate your infertility journey.


If you answered yes to any of these, then this support group is for you.




Are you experiencing primary or secondary infertility?

Do you want to connect with other women going
through a similar experience?



Are you looking to build positive ways to cope?

Are you looking for emotional support through your fertility journey?


Dr. Daiana

Naturopathic Doctor

I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus in women's health, fertility and pediatrics. It is my absolute passion and mission to support women and couples who are looking to start or expand their family.


During my clinical internship at naturopathic medical school, I had the opportunity to work with women and couples one-on-one on the fertility focus shift. It was during this time that I became aware of the lack of emotional support for those struggling with infertility. I also noticed that there is a gap in education when it comes to fertility, and part of this reason is the time constraints that the medical system faces. This really is where naturopathic medicine shines. I have the time to sit with patients and explain what is going on, talk about assessment, and provide them with a comprehensive treatment plan. 

My hope for you is that you do not feel alone in this journey and that you become an advocate for yourself to get the best possible care that you deserve. 



Registered Psychotherapist 

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, and I am the founder of Navigate Counselling Services located in Oakville. I feel passionate about supporting the underserved infertility community and I believe in the value of connection through shared experience. I have witnessed a gap in the area of mental health and emotional wellbeing when it comes to infertility support which has led me into the venture of creating a support group for women walking through this journey.

I have experience facilitating support groups and therapy groups and have received clinical training in evidence-based models that are informed by neuroscience and grounded in compassion. In my work as a psychotherapist, I support clients from diverse backgrounds in the areas of anxiety, depression, relational trauma and abuse, emotional health, relationship issues, low self-esteem, grief and loss, stress, infertility, and perinatal/postpartum mental health. 

I truly love what I do and I consider it a privilege to come alongside others on their healing journeys. 


Cost: $60 per session
*Can pay upfront or on a weekly basis. 


What each confidential group session includes:
  • Psychoeducation on coping with infertility
  • Guided meditation
  • Trauma-informed facilitators 
  • Support from others with similar experiences 
  • Discussion of common challenges in infertility 


Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm for 8 weeks starting June 2022


The Poppy Clinic

481 North Service Rd W Unit A4, Oakville, ON L6M 2V6

Book a 15 minute alignment call below with one of our facilitators. The purpose of this call is to ensure this support group will be helpful and valuable to you.

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