Clinical Nutrition

At the root of every concern, I like to address digestion and absorption as I find this is very important to achieving true balance in your life. During your visit we will discuss your eating patterns (specific ways and times you eat), as well as do a diet recall so I can get a better sense of where I can assist you. I want to support you in feeling good in your own skin. I don’t believe in prescribing fad diets. I like to focus on helping you create sustainable changes that meet your specific dietary needs and busy schedule.

Supplements are a component of clinical nutrition that I believe are there to serve one purpose - to correct deficiencies. My approach has always been to use the minimum amount of intervention needed to achieve therapeutic benefit. Appropriate supplementation at specific dosages can optimize certain physiological processes. We will determine if supplementation is the right course of action for you based on your intake.

Low Calorie Salad