HBSc, Naturopathic Medical Intern

I am a Naturopathic Medical Intern and my purpose is to help you reach sustainable health goals that resonate with you.


I like to always start with the foundations of health: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, digestion, and stress management. What are your current habits and routines that are stopping you from achieving your health goals? I will meet you where you are at. I will make sure that whatever treatment is provided is sustainable in the long run and resonates with you and your health goals.

Approach & Philosophy


I am passionate about providing you with accurate, up-to-date, evidence-based information pertaining to your particular concerns. If there isn’t a whole lot of evidence for a particular treatment, I will make sure to let you know. A large part of my practice is education - making sure you understand the what, why and how of treatments.


We currently live in a society that encourages doing and achieving. As a result, we lose the ability to focus in the present moment. You have the power to choose your thoughts and way of being. I am passionate about helping you take radical responsibility of your health, and this starts with your mindset. Let’s reward good behaviours, not bad ones. I believe this starts with doing less, not more.


What to expect

The initial appointment is 1 hour in length. During this hour, I will get to know your healthy history in more detail and we will set health goals for our time together. My goal is see you less over time, not more.

Follow-up visits are 1 hour in length. We will check in on your ongoing plan and assess how you have been doing. We will make adjustments where needed. We may also address any new concerns that may have come up since our last appointment together.

I want to make sure that you feel supported throughout this entire journey. I will work with you as a partner in your journey to health and well-being.